The private Coaching Program

for people suffering 2+ MS attacks/year who want to

stop their disease progression

So they can get their

energy and life back

Hello, MS Warrior!

You are an independent thinker and action-taker, someone who won’t take no for an answer.

You take responsibility for yourself and your own life, don't make excuses or blame others. You are courageous and determined.

You love pristine nature, but also love to spend time doing city things: sparkling conversation at your favorite café - or dancing, just because there's music.

But lately (or maybe longer)...

...You're worried because you've followed all the doctors' advice, but you keep having attacks. They give you steroids and you recover pretty well...but you know it is just a matter of time before another piece of functionality slips.

Your energy is unreliable: when you are happy and excited you can do everything, but then you crash, and it takes sooo long to recover...if it doesn't trigger another relapse.

You love being active, hiking, dancing, running, but it's been so long since your legs behaved themselves that you are worried that if and when they heal, you won't remember what it's like!

If you're being honest with yourself...

It feels like you're in a desperate race against the clock:

Who wins, you and your glorious health?

...Or disability, and slow death?

What will happen if you continue like this?

Things drag on, for months, years...You realise you are losing ground. In spite of the best care, your health is declining, not improving.

It's terrifying.


  • What had ZERO decline in your health, ZERO disease progression, for weeks, months, years?

  • What if...instead, you noticed small IMPROVEMENTS in your health, every single day?

  • What if...instead of just being glad to make it through each day, you had the strength to be able to IMAGINE, to PLAN, and then to REALIZE YOUR DREAMS?

... without toxic drugs or invasive procedures?


As soon as they are diagnosed, MS patients are referred to a neurologist and put on medication, based on research on what medication is most likely to help people with that diagnosis... but



A diagnosis serves to tell doctors what statistical box to put you in, in order to predict how your disease will behave - maybe, if we accept the premises of the Scientific Method, which assumes a number of things, including:

  1. Everyone in the target group is more or less the same, with the same lifestyle and habits: the ones that deviate too far get thrown out of studies because they don't conform to the predicted outcome.
  2. Only data that have been proven with repeatable, double-blind, controlled tests are taken into consideration.

But some parameters are impossible to examine with double-blind tests, so they don't figure in the studies.

DIET is one of these parameters

How the heck do you hide from people whether they had donuts or steak for dinner?

In fact, until recently, if you asked the neurologists whether diet had any influence on MS, they would say that there was “No proven connection”...and that they had no opinion.

And the same thing goes for all of the lifestyle parameters. People KNOW whether they've taken their walk today, or meditated 15 minutes, or had a fight with their spouse or not.

B. the study criteria are PROBLEMATIC

  • Scientists assume that a given treatment will be effective for a certain percentage of patients receiving the treatment - but not all.

  • They know that for some it will not be effective, or might even be damaging, and they set 'acceptable limits' for production.

  • This means that even if a medication kills or maims a certain small percentage of patients, that is an acceptable risk, for Medicine.

What is acceptable for large-scale scientific studies


What if you are part of that

unlucky 0.1% ?

  • For me, I don't care if it is 'statistically insignificant' when considering a pool of millions of people.
  • I couldn't care less about "the advancement of Science":
  • My prospective is as an individual, and...

It's MY LIFE you're messing with!

The truth is

until now, you lacked the proper tools to fix your health!

Most everyone I see with MS has followed the doctor’s advice, which is what you’re supposed to do, no? And that is what everyone does, and the doctors pool their statistics and gather data about you and your medical history - and you become a dot on a graph.

Which is all very fine and well, except it’s like being herded into a cattle chute that dumps you into a pen of people who are all suffering more or less serious consequences of MS and its treatments, and you win only by taking more time than most to get to the wheelchair stage.

And unfortunately that is what MS is ‘supposed’ to look like, if you look at it from the point of view of the specialists - and they are the experts, so they should know, right?


The doctors don't have data about people who behave in an unconventional way.

They don’t know what happens if you do what I did, and eat as if you were a newborn (they'll think you're crazy!).

If you go back and tell them you haven't had an attack in 20 years they say, 'Oh, you are lucky!' - and they brush it off as 'anecdotal evidence'.

So it is totally understandable if you feel lost, confused, uncertain - even betrayed, disappointed, ANGRY about what you have gone through.

But There is

another way!

I know how you feel

Because I've been through it myself

Hi, my name is Grace. I was 23 when I was diagnosed with MS.

At the time I was working as a substitute teacher in inner-city Oakland, California. The first day of school, there were bullet-holes in the classroom door. I lasted only a few months in that stressful environment before one day I woke up seeing double. I was lucky to be diagnosed very quickly: the spinal tap was clear.

I was bustled off to a cutting-edge MS Center, not realising that I was basically going to be a lab animal for new drug experimentation. And the drugs didn’t even work! I continued to have attacks every 3 or 4 months. My immune system was totally out of whack, even apples and pears giving me hives.

This went on for eleven years. Then, luckily, I got pregnant. The doctors took me off all of my medications, much too toxic for my child. Now what?

Left on my own, I was lucky to find a wonderful midwife. She introduced me to the idea of PHYSIOLOGY, and non-medical approaches to health. My son was born at home: my father took this picture of him here, 4 days old.

I did not want to repeat the mistakes with my child that had led to my immune system becoming overactive and turning on itself, so I was very curious to listen to the midwife.

One day as she was explaining the question of weaning, an idea struck me. What if I followed the same order as she was instructing us to use when we introduced our children to solid food - on myself? Could I reset my own immune system as my son built his for the first time? So that’s what I decided to do. I ate exactly what my son was eating, introducing one new food at a time for us both.

Of course everyone thought I was crazy: What do you mean, you don’t want to give him any meat? No pasta?? You’re both going to starve!

We didn't starve. On the contrary, after my son had all his milk teeth in and was eating most foods (with gusto), I was elated to see

that not only was HE doing fine, but all MY allergies had disappeared! And I had had NO MS ATTACKS. I kept looking out for new symptoms every day, for weeks, months...


That was 19 years ago, and I've never yet had another episode of MS.

I never resumed the medications.

Best of all, I have so much energy, and will to do things, I actually started to work again - which is how I got where I am now.

how The MS Reset Program IS DIFFERENT

The secret to regaining your health is understanding how healing works at the most basic level, and how you can get your physiology working FOR you instead of you fighting your immune system.

Once we calm your immune system down and rebuild your strength, your physiology will kick in, and you can’t NOT heal. That is what physiology is.

This is who you were meant to be


  • I've been in your shoes! I was diagnosed with MS in 1993 - and recovered.
  • I've resolved my own RRMS, going from 4 or 5 relapses a year to NONE.
  • I'll teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to do what I did, and help you implement it (without all the false starts and dead ends).
  • I've been working in the healing arts for nearly 15 years now, and love watching the miracles!
  • I know that healing is possible, I care deeply for you and your struggle, and am deeply committed to your transformation.

I want yours to be the next miracle I witness!


All healing depends on getting enough nourishment and energy to your tissues. Fundamentally, it's about healing the inflows, maximizing the outflows, and putting in only good stuff to rebuild.

I’ll accompany you, step by step, all the way through ...

STEP 1: Assessment

We start with a close look to help you see where you are, and how you got there, which gives us an idea of what needs to be done (and un-done): this is paradoxically reassuring, as it collapses the uncertainty and helps us get real.

We will also look at your bloodwork to check for any nutritional deficiencies or other problems that show up in your bloodwork. Don't worry: this is only a baseline, a starting point!


STEP 2: Clean House

Before starting any project, the first thing to do is to make space to work, right? Same principle here. The first necessary step is thus a detoxification, physical and mental.

  1. PHYSICAL. Using totally natural methods we'll do a preliminary cleansing of the whole intestinal tract. Depending on what is right for your particular condition, you may do some kind of partial fast, a salt-water cleanse, and a juice fast-colon cleanse. At the same time, we will start eliminating heavy metals and toxic residues using a non-invasive chelation method.
  2. MENTAL. At the same time, you will analyze what areas of your life are an energy drain on you: which relationships are nurturing? Are any of them draining? What about your professional life? Is it fulfilling and stimulating, or is that also a source of your troubles?


STEP 3: Stop the leaks

Stopping the leaks means stopping the ALL the drains, physical and mental. This is where we start actively to DO something to help you by correcting the habits that led to the problem in the first place. Obviously it is only a start, but it will serve to launch your new, MS-free life.

  1. PHYSICAL: The first order of business is healing the gut. To accomplish this I will lead you through EXACTLY what I did to reset my immune system to attain TOTAL STABILITY.
  2. MENTAL: One of the biggest drains on mental energy are negative thoughts. Shifting the quality of your thoughts is not easy, and will be an ongoing process, but it is essential that stop wasting so much mental energy. And it is very rewarding when you note the difference! I am including all the practices that I found helpful when I was going through this process. You may prefer some over others, which is why I ask you to choose from various methods, ranging from Tibetan Buddhist tradition to modern mindset exercises. Do try out each one, at least for a bit.


STEP 4: fill in the gaps to REbuild strength

Dietary supplementation and correction of any existing nutritional deficiencies to offer continued organic support for your healing.

As you start to add in more and more different foods, you will be able to absorb more in any case as there will be less inflammation, and you will naturally gain strength. In parallel, we will start supplementing to fill any gaps you may have nutritionally, having a specialist check periodically with bloodwork and testing to monitor your particular situation and decide what supplements and what dosages are appropriate.

We continue to work on mindset to instill strengthening habits and beliefs all the while.


STEP 5: recover and improve function

Starting as soon as you feel strong enough, you can do:

  1. physical therapy in the form of appropriate focused neuroplastic exercise, accompanied by
  2. individual energy therapy sessions with me


STEP 6: Final assessment

Going back to your initial intake form, see concrete evidence of the progress you’ve made in these few short months!


STEP 7: Ongoing therapeutic support

You are welcome to subscribe to ongoing support for maintaining your new, absolutely stable health!

  • Continued physical therapy
  • Continued energy healing support (ongoing monthly or as-needed Accunect sessions recommended)
  • Continued supplementation to maintain progress

The MS Reset Program is a 6-month, high-touch, private coaching program giving you 1-on-1 support and accountability to stop your disease progression and get your energy and life back!

  • 7 educational modules
  • Bi-weekly coaching calls
  • Facebook accountability and support group
  • Monthly or as-needed Accunect energy treatments
  • Lifetime access to all material

Would you like to work with me?

Book a free exploratory call, and let's chat!

When we talk, I'll ask you a few questions, but mostly just listen to your story so I can be sure that the MS Reset Program is right for you.

If it isn't, I might be able to suggest something else to help you achieve your goals.